Don’t Forget We also have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, and a youtube channel. They all have a lot of camping information from DIY instructions to Product reviews. Check it out and subscribe. We will be doing contests and give aways for subscribers! Springer Mountain March of 2012 We went up to the Amicalola Falls State Park and car-camped the first night and had a blast. it was a late night since we had to park two trucks atop Springer Mountain. but all the hammocks were hung between trees with care and the residents snuggled into their sleeping bags -nice and toasty- for a cool March night. Thursday morning, since Mike and Steve had a little side bet going, we all weighed our packs. and the two lightest packs belonged to the Hammock Brothers. Mike took first place with 32lb and Steve came in to a close second with 28. And to add insult to injury, Mikes EMPTY pack started out a little over three pounds heavier than Steve’s EMPTY pack, so yeah, Mike hassled Steve the whole trip. But that’s okay, Where Steve lacked in pack weight, he made up for with helping the newbies with their hammock setup. The falls at the top were breath taking to say the least. Click these pictures to see a larger version of the picture. The steps took us all the way to the top and across the front of the falls where we received some mist to the face which cooled us down a bit. Along the trail we had a good time. Here is a shot of (L-R) Brenden, Brad and Steve. The shelter at Black Gap was, for the most part, empty. The only residents were a man with his son out for a few nights and a girl who was thru-hiking. Candice was her name and we hope she made it all the way through. Candice , if you see this, let us know that you made it okay. A thunderstorm blew in about 8ish Thursday night so we didnt get much video or pictures, but it was not completely uneventful. We..... well Steve learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN H2o PROOF TARP. All the ones he made leaked. At least all the ones that he treated. some were out there with tarps that were not treated and we didnt expect the storm so 5 of us ended up out of our hammocks. Four ended up in the shelter and the other on ended up in a tent with his brother. Thank goodness for brothers with tents, huh? We awoke Friday morning and headed up to Springer Mountain for the final night. Mike got some great shots and video of the sunset. Sunset was a sight to behold. Check out the video once we get it posted. Mike went to the top of Springer Here is a nice panaramic shot of (L-R) Brad, Mike, and Brenden. We all had to take small breaks as we went up the Approach Trail. The sunrise Saturday morning was nice, but not near as nice as the sunset. We got up and started to pack up. The plan was to head out by 11am and we all wanted to stay. Here Steve is cleaning the dirt from his down booties. He reluctantly accepted them as a gift from Mike but is glad he brought them. They kept his toes nice and toasty. Brad is organizing his stuff prior to packing up making sure he didn’t leave anything behind. We will sure miss the view from atop Springer mountain. At least until next time. Georgia Hammock Brothers