Springer Mountain March of 2011 We parked the truck atop of Springer Mountain on Sunday and Steve noticed a few snow furies as he got out of his truck. All three were excited to maybe see some snow. Well, they were not completely wrong as you will see in a bit. We hiked up to Springer Shelter for the first night and the hike was quite cold with the wind picking up as we neared the summit. The wind was fierce and at 5:30pm the temp had already dropped to 35*. A fog bank rolled in at some point. we were all in our hammocks early because we could not get a fire going because everything was wet and with the wind, well, the fire would not get going. We know a fog bank rolled through because we all saw it when we answered nature’s call. At some point we estimated the temp was down to about 15* because our watches have thermometers and inside the hammock hung on the ridge line, the temp was 25*. So in the morning, all the moist air that comes with fog, froze to the trees and we woke up to a winter wonderland. It was so beautiful we all took some pics. But when it started to melt a small piece hit Mike in the eye. And the ice hitting the roof of the shelter sounded like hail hitting the roof. The weather was a bit warmer at Black Gap Shelter but still somewhat windy. Here is our setup and we just relaxed a bit before heading out to find some firewood. Mike is relaxing in his hammock chair and here is a shot of Josh getting some water at the creek. We have so much respect for those that have hiked the AT and for the volunteers who help keep the trail in such good shape for all to enjoy. May God bless you all. We packed up and headed up to the summit for some pics but not before we all finished our coffee. The view was great and here the three of us are at the top. (L-R) Josh, Steve, and Mike Don’t Forget We also have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, and a youtube channel. They all have a lot of camping information from DIY instructions to Product reviews. Check it out and subscribe. We will be doing contests and give aways for subscribers! © Ga Hammock Bros All Rights reserved 2012 Georgia Hammock Brothers