Product Reviews Here is where will be serious. Once you see our videos you will see that we cut up a lot and have a good time. but here is where we get serious because out on the trail, if you can’t depend on your gear or don’t know how to use the gear that you have, you will be screwed. And Mike and I know this. So in this area you will get our honest, no kidding around, blunt opinion of the gear we have and test for you. Let us provide you with the information you need to get you started or reach the final decision you are trying to make. Some of these reviews will be from both of us and some will be from one or the other. The Soto Micro Regulator Stove Reviewed by Steve The Sawyer Squeeze Water FIlter Reviewed by Mike Don’t Forget We also have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, and a youtube channel. They all have a lot of camping information from DIY instructions to Product reviews. Check it out and subscribe. We will be doing contests and give aways for subscribers! © Ga Hammock Bros All Rights reserved 2012 Georgia Hammock Brothers Georgia Hammock Brothers