Don’t Forget We also have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, and a youtube channel. They all have a lot of camping information from DIY instructions to Product reviews. Check it out and subscribe. We will be doing contests and give aways for subscribers! Mt. Rogers, VA June 2011 Georgia Hammock Brothers Steve took a couple of guys down the trail, or was it up the trail, in Virginia. I think they headed  North and started at Fox Creek Trail and headed to Elk Garden. Aaron, Matthew, and Steve (L-R) The first mile and half was not bad at all. The shelter we were aiming for was Old Orchard shelter and made it in about an hour. so 1.5 miles an hour was not too bad. We had plenty of time so we were “scenic-hiking” We enjoyed the hike and took a few pics. Here, we all took a short break and had some snacks. Aaron and Matthew checked the map to make sure were on the right track and making good time. Another break here to relax and hydrate. The left Steve in their dust and were waiting on him when he rounded the bend. At Thomas Knob shelter, we couldn’t find any trees with substance so we actually hung two of the hammocks in the loft of the shelter. We took a quick little break at the scales on our way to Wise Shelter and hydrated. On the final leg to Elk Garden I believe it was, the view was awesome. Thanks to Aaron and Matthew for picking the trail, and a very very special thanks to Mike, Matthew’s father, for picking us up and providing the sport drinks and nanners. That’s Bananas for you non- southern folk.... um... people. Cant wait till next time, fellas. © Ga Hammock Bros All Rights reserved 2012 Georgia Hammock Brothers