Georgia Hammock Brothers Welcome to! We are two southern outdoorsman that would rather be in the woods than almost anywhere. We value nature and love to dive into it head first by backpacking, hiking, and camping anywhere the wind takes us. On this site it’s all about hammocks. Hammock camping is our passion and we love to get to a good tree pairing and "hang" out with mother nature. Between the two of us (Mike and Steve) we have over 40 years of camping and backpacking experience and we have learned some tricks and tips that we plan on passing on to our visitors. We have multiple avenues that we will use to assist and inform people about DIY gear, hiking tricks, camping tricks, gear reviews, and how to effectively lighten your pack. We also both love to eat (one of the best parts of camping) and we have experimented with various recipes over the years and we would love to share with you our favorites. We like to keep things light and so the recipes that we will review will be geared towards good and lightweight eating. We also go on trips about once a month and as soon as one trip ends we are planning\looking forward to the next trip. We like to complete a video journal and do some in the field reviews.  This allows you to "pack up your pack" and hit the trial with us. If you have any questions and comments just let us know through all the links on the Contact Us page. We value your thoughts and opinions and would love to learn from you as much as we hope to help you out. Don’t forget: "Plan Right and Pack Light"                                                                       -Mike and Steve © Ga Hammock Bros All Rights reserved 2012 Camping Tip of the week Updated March 16th This weeks tip comes  from our recent trip to Springer Mountain. A thunder storm blew in and we got soaked. not because our hammocks failed, but because we tried to take the cheaper “DIY” way out. Now in most case the DIY way is not always the “cheaper” way and usually costs much more. But the pride in building something yourself outweighs the cost. This time it did not work in our favor. Look for our detailed review on this product, but Steve used a spray-on silicone base to make the rain flys water-proof. TIP: Buy the silnylon material if you are going to make your own rain fly. Do not try to DIY it out and make the same mistake we did.
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