Don’t Forget We also have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, and a youtube channel. They all have a lot of camping information from DIY instructions to Product reviews. Check it out and subscribe. We will be doing contests and give aways for subscribers! Who are the Georgia Hammock Brothers? Meet Michael I am the young buck of the pair and I love anything and everything that is camping and outdoors related. I grew up in the mountains of North Georgia and am a country boy through and through. I love my Momma, my God, my woman, and my dog. I love the peace that comes from waking up to a brisk morning and getting the coffee on the stove for the morning wake up or baiting the pole to fish the day away. good and bad reviews on this site because I want to make you a better backpacker and hammock Hit us up sometime if you want to chat about something we have reviewed, a trip we have been on, or would like us to elaborate on a story that we have told because believe you me we have had some over the course of our camping careers. I hope you enjoy the site and like I said I am always up to talking camping.                                                                                -Michael Meet Steve Yeah that’s me at Springer Mtn. Shelter in March of ‘11. I do like my coffee. I only really drink coffee when I am camping or deer huntin’. There is just something about stoking the fire before sunrise and enjoying a cup of coffee. I like to get the fire going in the morning for the rest of the group so they can wake up and get warm in the morning air while they take care of their business. We are standing here in front of Springer Shelter but we slept in our hammocks. Check out our trip reports area for more details on that trip. it was a blast. By trade I am Director of customer relations for my company. By trade I sit behind a desk and work out issues and answer questions our clients have as well as train and install the software. by trade I sit in a chair all day long and stay on the phone. BUT MY REAL PASSION IS ANYTHING I CAN DO OUTSIDE. If I am not on the trail somewhere, I am writing about it or maybe a short story or two. I have bought gear, made gear and given gear away for one reason or another. I have made several hammocks and given them to friends to convert them and they love the hammocks. It’s like... well sleeping on a warm cloud. If you do it right, you can camp in some really cold weather and still stay toasty warm in your little cocoon. You don’t even need to find a flat area on the ground. Just make sure there are no stumps or twigs poking up. If your suspension were to fail, it would be bad to end up with a branch sticking into your leg or backside. That is one the goals of this site. Mike and I will show you how to set up for warm weather as well as cold weather and how to be safe when doing so. We will test gear and give you our honest opinion of the gear. I have made some DIY products and reverted back to manufactured products because one reason or another and use some of these DIY products instead of manufactured products. We will cover some of these topics in our videos. We will even discuss the failures we experience like we did most recently back on Springer Mountain. Let’s just say that the DIY rain-flys I made failed and several of us got wet. Thanks for stopping by and reading this far because it tells us that you are interested in what we have to offer. Also check out our BLOG, Twitter, Facebook as well as YouTube for additional information.                                                                                                                                                   -Steve Georgia Hammock Brothers © Ga Hammock Bros All Rights reserved 2012 Georgia Hammock Brothers